Jin Tongren

High quality manufacturer of electronic components and electrical accessories

Taizhou Tongren Electric Co., Ltd. was established in February 2008 and is located in Yanpan Industrial Zone, Qianjiang Town, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province. It is a private enterprise that produces and sells switches, electronic components, and electrical accessories. The company covers an area of 8,620 square meters and currently has more than 110 employees, including 4 technicians and 8 quality inspectors.

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Adhere to the cost control from raw materials to production and processing
Brand strength renowned nationwide

Constantly climbing the career peak, more than 10 years of experience has made the enterprise brilliant


Flexible production mode

The company has rich production experience and technical capabilities, and has sophisticated automatic production equipment and testing instruments. Equipped with advanced production technology


Rigorous quality control system

Strict quality control system, operators are familiar with the process flow, standardized operations; each production process, arrange professional QC personnel to conduct tour inspections


Excellent quality, reasonable price

The factory is supported and recognized by customers with excellent quality and reasonable price. Continuously develop and design high-quality, exquisite and special new products,


1 to 1 professional service

The professional customer service team responds quickly online and offline; one-stop high-quality services before, during and after sales; performance, appearance, and packaging have been inspected,

Strength responsibility Certificate of honor

Tongren strives for excellence, ensures quality and creates a brand in a down-to-earth manner

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